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DJI Ace One Series

Ace One is DJI's latest generation GPS/INS based helicopter autopilot system.

It combines the highest level of precision data from GPS satellites, a 6-DoF inertial measurement unit, a magnetic field meter, and a barometric altimeter with the most robust algorithms in robot control theory. From aerial filming, surveillance to wide area surveying, Ace One’s exceptional performance excels in the most demanding industries and environments.


  • Compact Size & Light Weight
  • Easy Installation
  • Multiple Control Mode/Intelligent Switching
    Ace One provides four kinds of control modeGPS Cruise ModeGPS Attitude ModeAttitude ModeManual Mode. Customers can switch among the four modes to adjust different flight environment even in the specially weak GPS environment such as: between buildings, valleys, under bridges or in caves. Ace One also can adjust automatically in the flight environment. For example when aircraft come through the bridge bottom with GPS intermittence, Ace One system will switch between GPS mode and attitude mode automatically to make sure the safety and security of the flight.
  • Accurate Position & Altitude Lock Hovering
  • Accurate Controlling
  • Semi Auto Take-off & Landing
    In GPS Cruise ModeGPS Attitude Mode or Attitude Mode, it only requires pushing the throttle (collective pitch) stick gently to take-off, the Ace One autopilot system will be in charge of the cyclic pitch/roll stabilization.
  • Enhanced Failsafe/Auto RTH
  • Built-in Tail Gyro/Flybarless Support
  • Built-in Engine Governor

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