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When you need to fly, but you don't have the time to maneuver through the learning curve, we are here to get the job done for you. From sport drones to high tech AP drones, we can build onto your existing platform, or we can build it fresh from the ground up.

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Certified DJI Drone Repair Service

With Gary Greene, our DJI Certified Drone Technician on staff, your repairs are certified and warrantied. With a local solution, you can come in and see the progress, and the parts that have been replaced. Our hands on workstation is right on the showroom floor, so you can see the magic happen.

In addition to DJI Drone repairs, we can get your sport drones back in the air. From recreational to professional racing drones, if parts are available, we know the science behind it.

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Updates can be long, difficult and daunting. Drop off your rig, and we will get it done right. Did you corrupt your flight controller with a bad update? We have some tricks to bring it back to life. If it can be done, we will know how.

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Navigating the lightning fast changing world of drones and uav's can mean that everything you learned last month has already changed today. Let us do the heavy lifting, and focus on what you do best. From FAA compliance, to choosing the right product for your application, lean on us to provide the answers you need now, so you can fly today. Complete the mission, while maximizing the output of your equipment, in a legally compliant environment.

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Parts - Compatibility And Availability

Missouri and Arkansas' best selection of parts is right here in the Ozarks. We have the brands you want, the selection you need, at the prices you can afford. Come see the fully stocked drawers, pouring over their edges with everything you need to get into the air.

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