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The best micro RC collective pitch helicopter gets even better! Like the Nano CP S model before it, the Blade Nano S2 heli lays a path to 3D aerobatics that's paved for success, adding an improved stabilizing system to simplify challenging maneuvers. The Blade® Nano CP S heli features exclusive SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology, the revolutionary electronic flight protection system that enables anyone to fly with confidence. With SAFE technology's versatile flight mode system, you can choose the right amount of assistance with the flip of a switch. Three Flight Modes Stability - Z mode: Limited flight envelope with self-leveling and a low bank angle limit as well as software dampened pitch control. Stability mode: Limited flight envelope with self-leveling and a low bank angle limit. Agility mode: Full control authority with no bank angle limit. Panic Recovery Mode Instantly recovers the heli to a level altitude to prevent crashes. If you lose orientation, just press the Panic Recovery button and you'll recover to a level attitude. New SAFE Z Altitude Control helps keep the heli at a consistent altitude via accelerometer programming.

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